Cassian Baliarsingh

The Odisha government has decided to display hoardings of different programmatic schemes and scholarship provisions for higher studies at strategic locations inside Universities and colleges throughout the state. This initiative reportedly aims to create comprehensive awareness of the various schemes and scholarships offered by the Government of Odisha for higher studies. 

Briefing the media, Odisha Higher Education Minister, Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak said, “Be it SC/ST scholarships or some merit scholarships or any other government-launched schemes, it is our motive that students should avail it on time and these hoardings will go a long way in that direction.”

Although the government claims it to be an awareness drive for students, parents, colleges/institutes, and the general public, the Opposition termed it to be a political gimmick ahead of the 2024 Elections.

“This is clearly a political gimmick to woo first-time voters who are currently studying in colleges and universities. Furthermore, they are spending our tax money for their political drama. We will not tolerate such drama and tear every hoardings/posters put up in colleges and universities,” said Yashir Nawaz, the President of Odisha Chhatra Congress.

Similarly, AISF, State President, Sanghamitra Jena said, “The government claims to be in the hearts of all Odia people, but has to put up posters/hoardings everywhere. After filling up roads and highways with hoardings, now they are targeting college and university campuses. They are afraid students will hit the streets over a lack of proper education and employment opportunities. If required, we will put up banners and posters showing the failure of the state government.”

“There are different ways and techniques to promote the works of the government. Using educational institutes, colleges, and universities for the promotion of a political party is undemocratic,” voiced Educationist, Amiya Mohanty.

“It will be helpful for the students. It is a noble effort by the government to provide maximum benefits to the students. The main objective is to prevent any student from missing out on the schemes and scholarships launched by the government every now and then,” informed Tanmay Swain, Advisor, Higher Education Department.

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