Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Commissionerate Police returned scores of stolen bikes and smart phones to their owners on Saturday. The police had earlier seized the stolen items during raids on criminals. As many as 27 bikes and 80 smart phones were handed out to their owners by the Police Commissioner. 

As per reports, police stations under the Commissionerate Police received a number of complaints about theft and snatching of bikes, smart phones and other valuable items at different times.

Some had lost his/her smart phones to thieves at fairs months back while others’ bikes were lifted by thieves months ago. Most of them were hopeless about getting back their lost articles.

A girl student after getting back her lost cell phone said that she was never hopeful of having the phone back. “After losing my cell phone, I was really sad. The phone had a lot of personal data.  I am happy to have my phone back, but have to check if the data are there or not,” she observed.  

Another girl, who lost her phone in the Sahid Nagar area some months back, was happy to have her phone back. “When I got a call from the police yesterday, I was so happy,” she noted.

“It was a miracle for me. It was because of the hard work of the Commissionerate Police,” another girl student observed. She lost her phone two months ago.      

As many as 27 bikes and 80 smartphones were handed out to their owners by the Police Commissioner. After getting back their lost bikes and smartphones, they appeared to be damned happy and thanked the police.

Significantly, police have seized an ‘Enfield Bullet’ which was stolen from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. The owner said, “There was hardly any chance to get back my Bullet. I got it and am happy. I thank the Odisha police for its efforts.”

Police Commissioner Saumendra Priyadarshi said, “The Commissionerate Police has given priority to stolen properties. In the Bhubaneswar Urban police district, we have returned over 800 cell phones and 167 bikes to their original owners.”

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