Vikash Sharma

You might have come across several incidents of stray dogs mauling minor children to death which are certainly becoming a concerning trend. In one such incident, two women and their child had a miraculous escape after they were chased by a pack of stray dogs. However, both the women, who were riding on a scooter, rammed into a stationary car.

All of them sustained multiple injuries in the incident. The shocking incident has been reported from Gandhinagar lane 7 in Berhampur. The entire incident and the accident have been captured in a CCTV camera installed at the spot. The victims have been identified as Supriya, Sasmita and her child.

“We were going to the temple at around 6 am when around six to eight dogs started chasing us. It was then, I decided to increase the speed of the scooter else the dogs would have bitten the pillion rider,” said one of the victims.

The victim’s sister said, “A major tragedy was averted after they rammed into the stationary car. The accident could have been fatal if we would have rammed into an electric pole or another object or drain.”

Following the incident, the victims informed other family members who rushed them to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the local residents have demanded stern measures on part of the Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) to tame the menace of stray dogs which has assumed serious proportions in the town.

(Reported by Ashok Brahmha)