Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Baramunda Upper Primary (UP) School in Bhubaneswar has allegedly turned into a safe heaven for drunkards and drug addicts who reportedly use the premises of the educational institute as their den after sunset.

As per reports, the school has neither a caretaker nor a security guard to guard the premises at night. The alcoholics not only booze on the school campus, but also break the empty bottles which poses danger to the students in the morning.

Sources said the drunkard menace becomes more intense on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A huge number of alcoholics gather in the school on those days and eat non-veg food items along with liquor leaving the school premise unhygienic for the children to study.

Speaking about the sorry state of affairs, corporator of ward number 50, Ramachandra Ranasingh said, “Empty liquor bottles rolling on the school premises is a common sight. There are no security guards nor any caretakers to keep the school safe from anti-socials.”

"Not only liquor, but drug addicts have also made this school their den to smoke weed. We have informed the police many times in the past, but in vain. The PCR van never comes for patrolling in this area,” he lamented.

The police could not be contacted for comments.

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