Vikash Sharma

The average electricity bill for a small house unit varies from Rs 500 to Rs 2000. But what if you get a monthly electricity bill of Rs 7 crore? It is obvious that any common man will get the shock of his life over such an electricity bill.

A similar thing has happened with Durga Prasad Patnaik of Bhubaneswar. He was utterly shocked after getting an electricity bill of Rs Rs 7.90 crore.

Patnaik stays in a rented accommodation at Niladri Vihar in the Smart city. He alleged that he got the electricity bill after the installation of a smart meter in March.

According to Patnaik, he had received a bill of Rs 2400 in the month of March, Rs 6000 in April, and over Rs 7 crore for the month of May.

"I used to get electricity bills within a range of Rs 700- Rs 1500. After the installation of the smart meter, I paid a bill of Rs 6,000 in April. I made the payment online and thought the amount includes the electricity bill and installation charges. But later, I was shocked when I received a bill of around Rs 7 crore for the month of May,” said Patnaik.

Patnaik further informed that he had informed the TPCODL authorities in a tweet. However, he has not got any response so far.

"I fear that if the electricity connection is snapped in this grueling heat conditions. I have raised a complaint and so far I have not got any information from the concerned authorities,”said Patnaik.

Meanwhile, the concerned power distribution company officials could not be contacted over the matter.

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