Cassian Baliarsingh

After the popular Prince Dance Troupe brought laurels for Odisha with their terrific performance at India’s Got Talent, the inmates of Berhampur Circle Jail are winning hearts online for their dance performance at a national-level dance competition.

With their outstanding performance, the inmates have reached the finale and are hopeful that they will win the competition. The talented inmates are receiving praise from all quarters for representing Odisha and Silk City.

They will create another record like the Prince Dance Group which also hailed from the Ganjam district. Now, all eyes are on the finale of the dance program. 

According to sources, the online dance competition has been organized by an NGO under the supervision of the UP government. Several organizations have participated in the competition.

After getting a letter from the Odisha government in this regard, the jail inmates began the preparation to showcase their talent. With no help from any professionals, the inmates prepared the dance and also have done the choreography themselves. 

Dressed in white shirts and red ties, the inmates can be seen doing eye-catchy dance moves to superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s song ‘Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari’ from the blockbuster movie Chennai Express.

Their coordination, dance moves, choreography, and timing are just perfect and in sync. One cannot take their eyes off them as they perform beautifully on the song. Even as several other participants showcase different forms of dance, it is the inmates of Berhampur Circle Jail who are the leading contenders for the finale trophy.

Their unique talent caught everyone’s attention after their dance went viral and hopefully the finale trophy will come to Odisha.


(Reported by Ashok Brahma, OTV)