Cassian Baliarsingh

The skyrocketing price of gold has failed to deter the sale as hundreds of customers thronged jewellery stores across Bhubaneswar to buy the precious yellow metal on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya on Sunday.

Although 22-carat gold is being sold at Rs 56,050 and 24-carat gold is being sold at Rs 61,150 in Bhubaneswar, jewellery shops witnessed a huge rush due to attractive offers on the special occasion and the upcoming marriage season.

On the other hand, jewelers are giving discounts on making charges to attract more customers. Jewellery shop owners expect bumper sales and are of the view that the sales will be more than last year as the price of gold has increased substantially. 

Speaking to OTV, Epari Sadashiv jewellery store manager said, “We have discount offers on making charges. Varieties of new designs have been added to the gold collection keeping in view the taste of the customers. Moreover, people believe that buying gold during Akshay Tritiya is a good omen and brings prosperity.”

“As wedding season is around the corner, the sale expectation is very high as compared to last year,” he added.

Speaking on the gold rate, he said, “There is no sign of a decrease in gold rates. So, customers prefer to buy it due to the discounts offered during Akshay Tritiya. Furthermore, the gold price might increase with time in the coming days. As a result,  customers prefer to buy now as the wedding season is nearing. The high gold price doesn’t have any impact on the gold buying.”

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