Himansu Shekhar Rout

Infocity Police arrested actress Mousumi Nayak and produced her in court on Monday, following a complaint filed by writer Banamsita Pati in connection with a dispute pertaining to a financial transaction.
A controversy erupted between Mousumi and Banasmita a few weeks ago over a financial transaction of Rs 5.80 lakh.

As per reports, Mousumi Nayak had earlier alleged that she had paid Rs 5.8 lakh to writer Banamsita Pati, who invested it in stock markets and did not return the same. A compromise petition was also filed by the two at the Infocity Police Station, with undertakings from both sides. As per the agreement, it was decided that Banasmita would return the money to Mousumi while the latter would not do anything to tarnish the image of the former. 

However, it is learned that Mousumi had violated the terms and continued to harass Banasmita even though the latter had paid off the money. Mousumi was also accused of objectionable postings against the writer on social media, apart from trying to extort money from the writer.

Banasmita had filed a complaint in this regard at Infocity Police Station. Police booked a case under sections 385, 294, 506 and 507 of the IPC against the actress. After investigating the matter, police arrested the actress from her apartment in the Chandaka area soon after she returned from shooting in Hyderabad.

On the other hand, Mousumi had earlier filed a complaint at Chandaka Police station, alleging that Banasmita was forcing her into escort service. As per the complaint, the writer had forced the actress to invest money in stock markets and was allegedly not returning the money back.

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