Pradeep Pattanayak

Gone are the days when women were considered weaker, inferior, and no match to their male counterparts in the world. Now they are continuously breaking the glass ceilings in sectors usually dominated by males. 

In the latest, they have prepared themselves, both physically and mentally, to serve their motherland as Agniveers. 

As many as 273 women Aginveers, coming from different parts of the nation, have recently completed their training at INS Chilika, the training establishment of the Indian Navy. 

When they joined the training session, they had only dreams to serve the motherland. Now, after successfully completing the training, they say they are brimming with confidence to deal with any kind of situation. They say they feel proud for getting an opportunity to do something for their motherland. They say they would never hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the country. 

“I had a childhood dream to join Indian Navy. Since I am from a village, my dream of joining the Navy was frowned upon. But my parents extended full support. Now my parents and family members are feeling proud that their daughter is in the Navy,” said Agniveer SSR, Neha Rathore. 

“We are highly motivated. We feel we have done something different. The Indian Navy has taught us what we never learned,” said Agniveer SSR Swapna Bimbhar. 

The word transformation assumes a lot of importance for the Indian Navy. And it has proved it as well by being the first wing among the three-Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and Indian Navy-to complete women Agniveer training. As many as 273 women Agniveers have completed their training and after their passing out parade on March 28, they will receive professional training and thereafter will be deployed on ships. 

“To date, only the Indian Navy has inducted women Agniveers. And the number of 273 women Agniveers is not to be sneezed at. In the coming days, the number will definitely increase. At a particular time, it will completely be gender neutral,” said Commanding officer, INS Chilika, Commodore NP Pradeep.


(Reported by Balaram Lenka and Sunandan Mishra, OTV)