Manoj Kumar Jena

Street festival ‘Patha Utsav’ kick started in the Odisha capital Bhubaneswar on Sunday. 

The second edition of ‘Patha Utsav’ was organised from Sikharchandi hill to Infocity square, where people were seen having the perfect Sunday after witnessing many beautiful activities. 

Many students actively participated in the Patha Utsav and showcased their talents. The street was echoing with laughter and wows due to the dance performance and live songs from the participants. 

The theme of this Patha Utsav ‘Save Animal, Live and Let Live’ was beautifully portrayed by small kids through plays and dance. Besides, the kids wore beautiful costumes depicting as tree and many wild animals to spread the message of environmental awareness.

“We should not cut down trees, as it provides us with all the necessary elements. It also provides oxygen, which is essential for human survival. We should plant and grow more and more trees,” said a student who participated in the Patha Utsav.

Another student said, “We should engage in afforestation, as trees give us life. We should stop chopping down trees to ensure a safe future for the upcoming generations.” 

It is to be noted that the first edition of Patha Utsav was organised on December 24, last year and entire stretch of road from Master Canteen to Ram Mandir was buzzing with activities and crowd of people.