Rashmi Ranjan

BJD MLA Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, who represents Khandapada constituency in Nayagarh district, has dropped yet another bombshell hinting that something is not well within the ruling party. 

Known for his witty remarks, the legislator took a dig at the party again during Biju Jayanti celebrations at Paradip on Sunday.

While addressing the gathering, the scribe-cum-politician said, “Biju Babu could not remain in power for seven years. But the party named after him is enjoying the power for the last 22 years.”

“But, I would like to ask, do you really deserve to enjoy the honey of political power? Those who are celebrating Biju Babu’s birth anniversary must ask this question to themselves,” the conch party leader said during the meeting.

“We are proud of Biju Babu’s legacy. But, for how long we will blow the tall leader’s trumpet? The practice is not going to work in the long run. If we can become like him, then it will be worthy for us to celebrate his birthday,” Patnaik said.

Speaking to media over his comments on the stage, the BJD MLA said, “We must feel proud to celebrate Biju Babu’s birth anniversary. But if we don’t try to match one per cent of the tall leader, then there is no point in celebrating his birth anniversary.”

Recently, the legislator took a dig at the party during an event at The Law College in Cuttack.

“When we were teaching rule of law, the law is equal from the Prime Minister and a constable. But these days, Prime Ministers are reluctant to answer and they are not ready to be accountable. These days, it is practically hard to meet or interact with the Chief Ministers,” Patnaik had said.

Similarly, former Odisha minister Damodar Rout said, “If BJD will term Odisha as ‘Naveen Odisha’, will I deny it? It only depends on the people of Odisha as to what extent they accept it.”

However, no comments could be obtained from the BJD on the statements.

(Reported by Ramakant Nayak, OTV)