Vikash Sharma

At a time when concerns are being raised over global warming and hazards from unsystematic disposal of solid waste, a unique initiative has been taken at KSR Bengaluru Station in a bid to alleviate the worries.

A sculpture made from plastic and pet bottles was erected at KSR Bengaluru Station to create awareness on proper disposal of plastic waste. South Western Railway shared the image of the sculpture on its official Twitter handle.

"The sculpture is made from thousands of plastic water bottles, which were collected in the last 12 hours, from this station, which were thrown in and around this area," an image caption near the sculpture read.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took to the micro-blogging site to congratulate the officials on the unique initiative to keep the public places clean.

“Such efforts are not only innovative and commendable but most importantly remind us of our basic civic duty of keeping our surroundings and public places clean,” tweeted PM Narendra Modi.

In another development, the Indian Railways has released new All India Railway Time Table known as TRAINS AT A GLANCE or TAG.

In new time table, about 500 mail Express trains have been speeded up. The speeding up of trains is between 10 minutes - 70 minutes. In addition, 130 services (65 pairs) have been speeded up by converting to Superfast category. Overall the average speed of all trains has increased by about 5 per cent leading to availability of nearly 5 per cent additional paths for operation of more trains