Odishatv Bureau

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only removed the dynasty and appeasement politics but has also given the 'politics of performance' to India in the last nine years, said Union Minister Amit Shah in Parliament on Wednesday.

Speaking in Lok Sabha during no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha brought by the Opposition, Shah said PM Modi's government is the only one that won the trust of most of the people. 

"PM Modi is the most popular leader among the public...He works tirelessly for the people of the country. He works continuously for 17 hours a day, without taking a single leave... People trust PM Modi," he said.

He further said this no-confidence motion will show the real character of the Opposition in the country. "There is not a no-confidence in the PM and this government in the country...This no-confidence motion has been brought only to create a delusion...," Shah said.

Coming down heavily on the Congress, Shah said the UPA's character is to indulge in corruption to save their government and stay in power.

"PM Modi govt took some historic decisions and ended dynasties and graft. UPA's character is to protect power but NDA fights to protect principle," said the Union Minister.