Seventy students from Andhra Pradesh are stranded at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Imphal and their families have demanded the state government to send a special aircraft to safely evacuate them from violence-hit Manipur.

Anxious over the safety of the students, their parents have requested the Andhra Pradesh government to make arrangements on the lines of the Telangana government, which is sending a special aircraft to evacuate its citizens.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has opened a helpline and control room at AP Bhavan, New Delhi to render any assistance to Andhra Pradesh students in Manipur.

Helpline numbers are 011-23384016 and 011-23387089.

"We are in constant touch with Manipur Government and local administration to ensure all help. Following helpline numbers are provided by Government of Manipur to provide assistance to people affected by present law and order situation in the state," said an official release.

8399882392 - MN Michael Achom, IRS

9436034077 - Rehanuddin Choudhury, Joint Secretary (Home)

7005257760 - Peter Salam, Joint Secretary (Home)

A8794475406 - Dr. Th. Charanjeet Singh, Joint Secretary (Home)

A8730931414 - Dr. Mayengbam Veto Singh, Deputy Secretary (Home)

7085517602 - S. Rudranarayan Singh, DSP(Home)

"Parents of the wards who are in Manipur may communicate helpline numbers to their children along with details of helpline established at AP Bhavan, New Delhi. We request students to get in touch through helpline at Imphal or at AP Bhavan, New Delhi and seek any assistance they require," added the statement.

The government of Telangana has sent an aircraft to Manipur to evacuate its people stranded.

The state government said that it is taking all measures to ensure the safety of Telangana students and people residing in Manipur.

A special cell has been opened to monitor the situation in Manipur state and to protect the interests of Telangana people in Manipur.

As per information available, about 250 students belonging to the Telangana state are studying in various educational institutions in Imphal and surrounding areas. The government of Telangana has decided to immediately airlift the Telangana students from Imphal to Hyderabad. For this purpose, a special flight has been arranged from Imphal to Hyderabad on Sunday.

Telangana Chief Secretary has contacted Chief Secretary Manipur to facilitate the safe transit of Telangana students from Imphal to Hyderabad.

The Chief Secretary and Director General of Police, Telangana are closely in touch with the Manipur state government officials to ensure the safety of Telangana people/students in Manipur state.