IndiGo pilots will soon incorporate a wrist gadget and a ground device to monitor their fatigue levels and assess alertness both pre and post flights.

This initiative, conducted in partnership with the renowned French aerospace conglomerate Thales group, aims to gather valuable data for optimising flight schedules and rosters, ultimately minimising pilot fatigue. 

"IndiGo has partnered with the Thales Group as an 'early adopter' of their Fatigue Analysis Tool (FAT). The airline will conduct a proof-of-concept trial for its technology-driven interface to assess pilot alertness levels over the next few months," said the airline spokesperson. 

"This initiative is to develop a fatigue detection model that offers detailed insights into demographic data, including routes, pairings, crew profiles, and more, going beyond traditional scheduling-focused biomathematical models," said the spokesperson. 

"The programme will use real-time data, historical information, and predictive analytics, with all data collected being de-identified. We remain committed to our pilots' well-being, ensuring their health and mental well-being, ultimately enhancing passenger safety," the spokesperson added. 

Initially, the ground devices will be set up at Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai and the pilots will undergo a five-minute test. 

However, the current system will continue where pilots can ask for removal from duty when they feel tired.