Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on Monday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and commended India's impeccable record as a responsible nuclear power.

He praised India's progress in nuclear science and technology, particularly highlighting the development and deployment of indigenous nuclear power plants.

Modi on his part stressed India's enduring commitment to safe and secure use of atomic energy for peace and development. 

The Prime Minister shared India's ambitious goals to enhance the share of environmentally-friendly nuclear power generation capacity as part country's energy mix. 

Grossi acknowledged India's global leadership role in civil nuclear applications for societal benefits. 

This includes the remarkable progress that India has made in utilising nuclear technology address the challenges faced by humankind, including those related to health, food, water treatment, plastic pollution and climate change.

Views were also exchanged on expanding the role of nuclear energy in meeting net zero commitments, including through small modular reactors and micro-reactors.  

Grossi conveyed his admiration for the outstanding partnership between IAEA and India. 

He commended India for its training and capacity building programmes that has helped many countries. 

Both sides agreed to explore avenues of cooperation between India and IAEA for extending civil nuclear technology applications in the Global South.