Indian leopard strays into Pak, killed by Rangers

Islamabad: An Indian leopard that strayed into Pakistani territory was shot and killed by paramilitary troops in southern Sindh province, according to a media report on Monday.

The leopard crossed the border and entered Datar Dino Jo Tarr village near Nagarparkar and attacked a herd of cattle and a number of villagers yesterday.

Local residents chased the animal and tried to kill it but it attacked them.

The leopard was then killed by Pakistan Rangers personnel, the Dawn newspaper reported.

Akram Jakhro, who went to the village after hearing that a leopard had entered the area, claimed the animal attacked herds of cattle and killed over 20 goats and sheep.

Villagers chased the animal and cornered it in a forest but shots fired by them only wounded the leopard.

The injured beast attacked and wounded several of them.

The villagers sought help from Pakistan Rangers deployed at a nearby picket and they killed the animal.

Bharu Mal Amerani, an activist working to protect and preserve wildlife and environment in the Thar region, expressed regret over the killing of the endangered leopard.

"People should have informed the wildlife department which could have taken measures to save the leopard," he said.

However, assistant conservator Lajpat Sharma said there should not be any objection to killing a wild animal if it became a threat to people`s lives.