Sangati Jogwar

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  • It is a general observation that smokers eat less produce as compared to those who do not smoke.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables can worsen taste of cigarette thereby discouraging urge to smoke.

Smoking is very bad for the lungs and overall health. Most smokers are aware that regular smoking dulls their taste buds and they are unable to enjoy the food the way they used to earlier. There are many other reasons why you must quit smoking. But like other addictions, it is very difficult to quit smoking especially if you are a chain smoker or have a habit of smoking cigarettes daily.

Apart from strong willpower, you also should reach out to these 5 foods to snub your cravings for smoking.


Drinking a glass of milk whenever you feel like having a few puffs of cigars is a good idea. A study from the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research says dairy products make cigarettes less palatable and thus discourage you from smoking.

Fruits and vegetables

It is a general observation that smokers eat less produce as compared to those who do not smoke. Research that analyzed around 1000 smokers concluded that people who ate more vegetables and fruits have more tendency to stay away from smoking than those who do not. The study also says that eating more fruits and vegetables worsens the taste of cigarettes.

Indulging in healthy snacks

When you are trying to quit smoking, your mind keeps on diverting to different things trying to grab one snack or drink or the other. The best way to put off these cravings is by keeping healthy snacks within reach. Healthy food items such as air-popped popcorn, roasted peanuts, and seeds like sunflower seeds help keep the cravings at bay.

Something to chew on

When cravings suddenly kick in you need something to suck and chew that is constantly in your mouth. Chewing on cinnamon sticks or licorice root is a good way of keeping your mouth engaged so that you do not feel like smoking.


Quitting cigarettes may lead to weight gain. It is because many times to curb the urge to smoke you end up eating junk foods or overeating. Instead, you must find a way to keep your stomach full, and even if you want to focus your mind on eating to divert it from smoking, eat healthy options like beans that not only provide a good amount of protein but its high in fiber keeps you full for long without adding much calories.