Poonam Singh

Abhira, portrayed by Samridhii Shukla, is striving for success as a lawyer while residing in the outhouse of Poddar house. Despite her feelings for Armaan, she is focused on her budding legal career. She lands her first case with Armaan's help, determined to win it. However, Kaveri and Fufasa are hell bent on ruining her career.

In today's episode of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, Fufasa tries to sabotage Abhira's case by persuading her client to drop her as his lawyer. His plan fails, and Abhira secures the case. But as she starts her argument in court, the judge receives an envelope containing money and a note suggesting future bribes if she wins. The judge, believing she tried to bribe him, becomes agitated and bans her from his court. 

Fufasa, on a video call with Kaveri, gleefully shows her the unfolding drama. Kaveri revels in Abhira's suffering, wanting the world to witness her downfall. Devastated, Abhira collapses in tears outside the court. During this chaos, Armaan, played by Rohit Purohit, is absent, having gone to meet Ruhi.

Ruhi encounters Kaveri, revealing her search for a lawyer to help her indebted grandfather. Manish Goenka borrowed money for Ruhi and Armaan's wedding, leaving him homeless. Kaveri contacts Armaan, urging him to assist Ruhi. Armaan agrees and convinces Ruhi that he will handle the case for her. This development raises question that how Abhira will react when she learns Armaan is helping Ruhi. 

Will it lead to further misunderstandings and complications in their relationship? You can watch the next episode of 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' to know the upcoming twists and turns.

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