Travel enthusiast Triptii Dimri is ready to leave Mumbai and settle in...

Bollywood actress Triptii Dimri, known as India's 'national crush', expresses her love for travel and mountains. She plans to leave Mumbai and settle in Uttarakhand, while continuing her acting career with upcoming films like 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3'.

Triptii Dimri

The stunning Triptii Dimri, currently the 'national crush' of India, is an avid traveler and these pictures on her Instagram are proof. Apart from her exceptional performances, Triptii is known for her love for travel.

The Instagram handle of the gorgeous beauty, who recently turned 29 and celebrated her birthday, has given a sneak peak to her love for vacations and holiday travels. A day or two off from shooting, Triptii makes sure to fly off to undisclosed locations to stay away from the Mumbai traffic and busy lifestyle.