Cassian Baliarsingh

Actress Kangana Ranaut has come out in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as some tried to mock the PM over the video in which he is seen with US President Joe Biden, and raising a toast.

Many social media users tried to show that Modi only laughed without even understanding what the US President was saying. However, Kangana Ranaut defended the PM and came down heavily on those humiliating him. 

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Kangana wrote, “Kaisa kalyug manushya ke sar par naach raha hai, jo ki pashuyo ke maas ya rakht ka ahar nahi karta, jo kabhi dhumrpan ya madira sevan nahin karta; aise bhale manush ko neecha dekhaya jar aha hai ki peg pakad kar hawa mein ghumana nahin atta.”

Kangana’s statement roughly translates: “What kind of Kalyug is dancing on the head of a man, who does not have meat or blood of animals, who never smokes or consumes alcohol; such a good man is being humiliated that he does not know how to hold a peg and swing it in the air.”

She further wrote, “Alcohol is medically/clinically/scientifically proven in every way to be hundred percent damaging for human system. Kya Joe Biden zameen pe baith ke haath se khana kha sakta hai kya (Can Joe Biden eat food with his hand while sitting on the ground?) Why should our PM bother about things that are beneath his interests and standards?”

Kangana’s tweet comes at a time when some left-wingers tried to mock PM Modi for not understanding what Biden was saying and laughing to show off as if he was understanding everything. 

Many even insinuated that PM Modi hardly understood what world leaders said in English and laughs hysterically to show that he was understanding everything.