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Emotional ownership of company keep employees motivated

Pune: While attractive remuneration packages and perks are vital to retain employees, it may not necessarily motivate them to give their best to the organisation if there is an absence of a sense of "emotional ownership" or involvement towards the company.

The factors contributing to "emotional ownership of work" and a sense of belonging are "opportunities of self-expression, creativity in work, empowerment, freedom on job, opportunity to learn something new, variety in job and a sense of achivement", says a study on transforming the organisational culture, conducted by Dr Manik Kher, a University Grants Commission (UGC) research scientist at Pune University, advocating the novel concept of `Emotional Ownership` to keep employees motivated.

"All over the world organisations are plagued by a number of concerns such as rising costs, cut throat competition, corruption, job insecurity and employees` dissatisfaction due to various reasons. A combination of above mentioned factors can establish a link between one`s work and the organisational goals", the study based on emulative examples and exhaustive interactions in the industry, has noted.

"A person who likes his work may not like his organisation. A feeling of ownership towards the organisation does not come by offering Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOPS) but by making employees experience fairness, timely recognition of good work, trust and openness through transparent management, a caring approach, job security, freedom at work, a friendly work atmosphere and good career prospects", it points out.

Alienation from organisation is the "stumbling block in creating emotional ownership." An employee would give his best to the organisation only when he "owns" his organisation emotionally", the study titled " The culture of emotional ownership", by Kher who holds a doctorate in Industrial Sociology says. .

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