Congress’ belligerence on corruption is shocking: BJP

New Delhi: BJP on Sunday lambasted the government for turning down the Opposition's demand for the resignation of Railway Minister P K Bansal and Law Minister Ashwani Kumar, saying this belligerence of the Congress-led dispensation is "shocking and shameful".

"The belligerence of the Congress government to defend corruption and its corrupt ministers in monumental charges of graft is not only shocking but also shameful. Even after being caught red-handed there is no relent," BJP General Secretary Rajiv Pratap Rudy told PTI.

He claimed there is "clinching evidence" against the Prime Minister of manipulating the CBI probe in Coalgate scam.

"Equally strong evidence exists against Ashwani Kumar in tampering the evidence against the Prime Minister. They still refuse to resign," Rudy said.

BJP charged that Bansal, whose nephew was allegedly caught accepting money which is reportedly part of a Rs 10 crore deal, "possibly believes the amount is too small for him to be sacked."

"Whether it is 2G or CWG or Coalgate or Railwaygate the Congress dares the nation that they will indulge in mind-boggling corruption and the country has to learn to live with it," Rudy said.

The BJP leader said this leaves the main Opposition with no other option but to ask the President of India to sack the UPA government.

"This government is neck-deep in corruption, else the country would land up in a major civil strife to get rid of the most corrupt government since independence," Rudy said.