Vistara airline's decision to deny a pilot's request for leave has ignited a storm of outrage on the Internet.

Screenshots of an email, in which the airline refused leave to the pilot who wished to support his mother during a medical check-up, surfaced on social media on Tuesday. 

These screenshots triggered a wave of anger and discontent among social media users, with many condemning the airline for disregarding its employees' needs. 

In the email rejecting the pilot's leave request, the airline advised rescheduling the medical appointment and recommended seeking assistance from a family member instead. 

"We are sorry to hear about your mother’s illness, and understand the importance of being there for her during this time. However, after careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we are unable to grant your request for emergency leave. We would encourage you to explore alternative solutions such as rescheduling the medical check-up appointment or seeking support from family and friends to provide assistance during this time," the email read. 

After the screenshot of the mail was doing rounds on social media, the Vistara airline also issued a statement. 

"We have come across a screenshot of one particular email, a response to one of our pilots' request for leaves, being shared online with little context of the entire discussion. We would like to clarify that the requested leaves were for a duration of three days in the future (submitted 8 days prior to the appointment) for medical check-ups of the pilot's mother, which do not qualify as 'Emergency Leaves'," said the airline spokesperson. 

"Hence, the leaves were denied and alternates were offered like rescheduling the medical check-up or exploring flexibility in the pilot's roster. As a people friendly organisation, we never deny leaves for emergencies and in fact, extend all possible support to employees in such situations," the spokesperson added.