India's wholesale inflation gauged by the Wholesale Price Index rose to 15.08 per cent in April from 14.55 per cent in March, official data showed.

The WPI inflation was 10.74 per cent a year ago.

Reportedly, WPI has been in double digits for over a year now.

The rate of inflation based on WPI Food Index increased marginally from 8.71 per cent in March to 8.88 per cent in April.

The high rate of inflation in April was primarily due to rise in prices of mineral oils, basic metals, crude petroleum and natural gas, food articles, non-food articles, food products and chemicals and chemical products in comparison with last year, an official statement said on Tuesday.

Provisional figures of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) are released on 14th of every month (or next working day) with a time lag of two weeks of the reference month and compiled with data received from institutional sources and selected manufacturing units across the country.

Notably, India's retail inflation accelerated to 7.79 per cent in April, remaining above the tolerance limit of the central bank RBI for a fourth month in a row, data released last week showed.