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Unclaimed bag on Metro train causes delay

New Delhi: Trains on the Delhi Metro`s busy Gurgaon line were delayed for some time during the evening rush hour after an unclaimed bag was found inside a running train prompting a search but nothing was found inside it.

The bag was lying inside a train going towards Jehangirpuri in the evening at Chandni Chowk metro station by passengers who informed the Metro staff.

CISF, which guards the Metro installations, immediately deboarded passengers at the busy station and carried out a search of the train.

"Nothing was found inside the bag," a DMRC spokesman said.

Though the entire search operation lasted only for a few minutes, there was bunching of trains on the corridor.

CISF as part of the procedure locks the train and checks if any unclaimed bag or article is lying there.

At Rajiv Chowk, hundreds of passengers were found waiting for trains as the trains got delayed due to the checking.

Metro officials clarified that there was no technical problem.

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