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Situation in Afghanistan very disturbing : Krishna

New Delhi: Just back from his two-day visit to Afghanistan, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna today termed as "very disturbing" the current situation in the war-torn country where Taliban is giving shelter to Pakistan- based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and other terrorist outfits.

Fully backing the peace process, the minister said India will extend all its support for reconstruction of Afghanistan and complimented President Hamid Karzai for taking steps in this regard.

Krishna, who was interacting with visiting foreign journalists, said those who are willing to disassociate with terrorism must be encouraged to participate in the peace initiative.

However, expressing concern over the security situation there, he said "What is happening in Afghanistan is something which is very disturbing…The Taliban is an umbrella organisation which shelters LeT and other terrorist organisations."

Asked about threat perception to Indian embassy in Kabul, he said precious lives were lost in attacks earlier and steps have been taken to tighten security.

On India`s developmental role in Afghanistan, he said there has been "considerable appreciation for what India has been doing in Afghanistan and it will continue to play its role in the country.

"India has civilisational and historical relations with Afghanistan for centuries and India continues to believe that it can play a very useful role in Afghanistan in terms of capacity building for which we have committed USD 1.4 billion for development of Afghanistan."

Praising Karzai for his strong resolve to bring peace in the country, Krishna criticised those Western countries which questioned his election. He said the electoral process had taken place notwithstanding the threat of Talibans.

During his meeting with Karzai in Kabul, Krishna had voiced India`s concerns over growing involvement of Pakistan in the transition process in Afghanistan.

Karzai had assured him that his government will not make any move that is detrimental to India interest.

The Afghan President had said that India was "uppermost" on his government`s priorities and appreciated New Delhi`s contribution to the post-war reconstruction and rebuilding efforts in his country.

During his interaction, Krishna also said there was "urgent" need for reforms of the UN Security Council, saying the country deserves to be in the top world body considering its total population and its "track record".

"I don`t know what the criteria was when UNSC was formed in 1945. But if people matters, then India with one billion people has to be part of the organisation," he said.

Krishna said support of 187 member countries out of 192 in UN for India`s candidacy for a non-permanent seat in UNSC reflected India`s stature.

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