Maghar (Uttar Pradesh): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a blistering attack on the opposition parties and accused them of being blinded in their pursuit of power.

Addressing a public rally here in Sant Kabir Nagar district, where the 15th century mystic poet and saint Kabir Das breathed his last, Modi said that while the saint wanted rulers to work for people's welfare ignoring caste and status, political parties were now joining hands just for power.

"The very people who opposed each other and measures like Emergency are now coming together for power," he said, rebuking the opposition parties.

He added that these "(opposition) politicians, leaders and political parties had nothing to do with the people or their welfare as their self promotion and the welfare of their own families was on top of their minds".

The Prime Minister said the opposition was out to create disruptions and chaos.

Such people, he said, were cut off from the ground realities and were merely pursuing politics of self interest.

Only a few days back, the 47th anniversary of Emergency was marked by unusual bonhomie between opposition parties who were at one point bitter critics of Emergency but were now standing together.

The Prime Minister also referred to the triple talaq issue and said the move by his government was to provide equality to Muslim women but some political parties put a spanner in the issue.

"Such political parties are not concerned about the welfare of the women of the Muslim community."

Recalling the ethos of Kabir, Modi said the saint always propagated equality and welfare of all sections and said his government was pursuing the same path.

"My government is working relentlessly for the poor, Dalits, marginalized and deprived. Bank accounts have been opened for 5 crore persons, 1.25 crore toilets have been built and one crore persons have been brought under the ambit of insurance."

Modi earlier offered floral tributes at the 'samadhi' and 'mazaar' of Kabir Das here. He became the first Prime Minister to visit the place.

The Prime Minister was flanked by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditytanath and the priests of the shrine as he took a round of the place. He was later gifted a 'angawastra' and literature on the saint.

Officials told IANS that Modi took keen interest in knowing details about Maghar even as he surprised many with his knowledge of the saint who is revered equally by Hindus and Muslims. The entire place was decked up with flowers for the momentous occasion.

Later, addressing a public gathering, which drew thousands of locals and followers of the saint, Modi pointed out how Kabir became great not by his birth but by his 'karma's (deeds).

Modi began his address in Bhojpuri dialect, pleasing the gathering. He said he had for long wished to visit the shrine and now that he was here, he was elated and overwhelmed.

"I have also seen the caves where Sant Kabir, Guru Nanak and Guru Gorakhnath held spiritual parleys," he said.

Earlier, due to the flooding of the Gorakhpur airport runway, the Prime Minister's aircraft landed in Lucknow where he was welcomed by Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik, Adityanath and others.