Devbrat Patnaik

Indian Railways has always been concerned for its passengers and under the ministry’s initiatives millions of travellers have benefited. Not always though...

A sip of tea or coffee freshens and wakes you up, whether you are at home or travelling somewhere. Starting from youth to elderly, millions of people enjoy drinking tea or coffee during a journey, especially in trains. Indian Railways, though brings beneficial initiatives for its passengers, recently revised the rate to Rs 10 from Rs 7.

According to a report by HT, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) recently released an order after reviewing the tariff and menu of meals on board.

The circular issued by the Railway Board on September 18, 2018 stated, “Tariff of tea as well as coffee is revised and is fixed at Rs 10 per cup.”

However, the circular clarified that the standard tea (not dip tea) will be available at Rs 5, sources said, adding that the prices in Rajdhani and Shatabdi would not be changed as the food package in these trains are prepaid.

“The corporation requested the Railway Board to revise the rates of tea and coffee after complaints about vendors overcharging for these beverages,” said an IRCTC official, requesting anonymity.

Moreover, the officer mentioned that it was a proposal from IRCTC which was approved by the Railway Board and it’s a minimal hike.

Apart from this, Railways is likely to discontinue the pot system, which were priced at Rs 10 for tea in pots (285 ml) and Rs 15 for coffee in pots (285 ml).

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After being flooded with complaints over being overcharged for meals, water bottles as well as tea and coffee on trains, the Railway Ministry issued a rate card. Also, the rate list was posted by the ministry on Twitter and people were asked to lodge a complaint if they are overcharged by vendors.

“Demand a bill from the railway catering staff. If no bill is given, then refuse to pay. My officers will deal with the matter,” Goyal had stated.