Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar: Living up to their tagline 'Lifeline of the Nation', Indian Railways, the largest public transporter of the country, successfully kept the lifeline of a three year old child unbroken during his train journey on a fateful May day. The railways left no stone unturned in going an unbelievable extra mile to save the child in dire need of emergency medical treatment on board Mumbai-Shirdi passenger train.

Bhubaneswar based Minaketan Pati, father of the child, was prompt enough to express his gratitude to railways and took to the social media platform Facebook narrating every detail of the harrowing day when he was travelling from Mumbai to Shirdi in Mumbai CST - Sainagar Shirdi Fast Passenger (51033) on May 27, 2016, with his family.

In his Facebook post Pati wrote, "Midway through the journey, my three and half year son started vomiting and as the journey progressed his condition worsened. Around 7 am in the morning, he was quite serious and was not properly responding to us. I informed the TTE about it and he immediately intimated the forward station about the emergency.

From then onwards, we found the train moving faster and reached Ahmadnagar Station 20 minutes before the scheduled arrival time even though it was running slightly late. At the station, I found the Police, Para medics and railway representatives standing near our bogie. They immediately took us to the hospital in a waiting Ambulance and within 10 minutes treatment started. By the evening, my son recovered and we left for Shirdi."

The incident proved how the railway exhibits its spirit of excellence in public service. The story of Pati and many more like him certainly go a long way in boosting the morale of the Railways and winning trust of people on the largest transport network in the country.

Though the incident happened way back in May 2016, the FB post recently came to notice after some people started sharing it. Recently, another instance of the yeoman service of a Railways TTE of Delhi Division went viral on social media after it was tweeted by the Railway Ministry. The TTE with the help of co-passengers helped an expectant mother deliver a child at night as there was no doctor on the train.