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Hazare, Singh attack UPA, seek dissolution of Parliament

Mumbai: A new-look Team Anna today mounted a scathing attack on the UPA government and sought immediate dissolution of Parliament, saying the two pillars of democracy were not acting in the manner enshrined in the Constitution.

Heralding formation of a new movement against corruption, Anna Hazare and former Army chief General V K Singh targeted the "unconstitutional " UPA government over decisions like FDI in multi-brand retail.

Addressing a joint press conference here this evening, Singh said the government had taken the controversial decision on FDI despite being in minority.

"As per the Constitution, India is a welfare state in which a democratically elected government is duty bound to protect and improve the lives of the people. However, the current system has completely ignored the directive principles enshrined in the constitution and has surrendered to market forces," Singh said.

"Parliament should be dissolved and fresh elections held," he said, reading from a prepared statement. Hazare endorsed Singh and said they had jointly prepared the statement.

The government policies were being framed to benefit private businesses instead of the common man and no one was raising voice against this in Parliament, the retired general said.

Elections should be held to allow formation of a new government which works for people, he said, adding "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has ignored the principle of collective responsibility."

On the recent reshuffle in the Union government, Hazare said, "the reshuffle is nothing but misleading the people".

Hazare, who announced launching a year-long campaign from January 30 to create awareness among the people for bringing about a change in the system, said he would support candidates with clean image in the next general elections.

To a query, Hazare said he would support Arvind Kejriwal if he contests polls. "Arvind is a nice man," he added.

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