New Delhi: Three lives were saved in the heart of the national capital on Friday when a Delhi Police head constable and constable decided to go all super-hero risking their lives climbing a building to rescue people trapped in a raging blaze.

DCP South Atul Thakur in a statement said that a call of fire was received at 6.55 a.m. from a building at Greater Kailash area and it was entrusted to Head Constable Daryav.

All available police station staff, including the SHO were among the first team to reach the site.

"It was a fierce blaze on the second floor that had engulfed the third floor also.

"Three people -- Amit Sudhakar, 56, his wife Shalini, 48, and mother Sudha, 87, were trapped in the third floor balcony.

"The balcony was secured fully with iron grills, meaning there could be no rescued before the fire was extinguished."

However, the DCP said not just the fire what was also necessary at that point before the survivors could be extracted out was calming down of their nerves -- and that is exactly what the two policemen - Head Constable Munshilal and Constable Sandeep did.

Once the rescue operation was in full swing supervised by the Delhi Fire Brigade personnel, Thakur said, "The brave police personnel scaled the walls from outside reached the iron rails and spoke to them, nearly hand-holding the three family members as the fire personnel launched the rescue from all sides.

The trapped needed to be calmed down, before any attempt to extract them could be attempted, and Munshilal and Sandeep -- did exactly that.

According to police officials, amid the blaze, two policemen - Head Constable Munshilal and Constable Sandeep -- risked their lives as they climbed on to the iron grills of the building to reach the family and calm them down.

Fire was doused after a few hours after four fire tenders worked alongside the police and persons were rescued with the help of fire department personnel, the DCP added.