BJP hits out at Rahul over infrastructure development remarks

Jaipur: The BJP on Monday hit out at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi for his claims of better performance in infrastructure sector by UPA, and said that it was the NDA which had a much sound performance.
BJP leader Smirti Irani, who is in the city to address public meetings in support of party candidates, today said, "In an affidavit to the court, Congress has admitted that the NDA government's performance in the infrastructure sector and road construction was best for a five year plan.
"During the NDA regime, 11 kms of roads were constructed per day but it shrunk to 3-km a day in the UPA rule," Irani claimed.
The UPA government, in July this year, had admitted before the Supreme Court that the NDA, in five years' regime, had constructed nearly half the total length of National Highways laid in last 32 years.
She said that Rahul during his meeting in the state today misled people over the performance of the UPA government.
"In the last economic survey, there was mention about poor performance in the infrastructure sector," Irani pointed out, adding further, "It's all because of policy paralysis of the UPA government." 
She also alleged that the Congress ignores poor and talks about them only during elections.
"If they really care about the poor, then why the Prime Minister has failed to fulfill his commitment of bringing down the inflation within 100 days in 2009," she questioned before demanding that Congress leaders should clarify about the steps taken to tackle the inflation.