BJP demands ouster of Uttarakhand govt

New Delhi: Charging the Uttarakhand government with failing to take proper action during recent floods, BJP on Wednesday demanded dismissal of the state government and ban on construction of dams on rivers like the Ganga to prevent such catastrophes.
Initiating a discussion on Uttarakhand floods that left hundreds of people dead, Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj said construction of dams across rivers like Ganga should be stopped to prevent problems arising out of floods.
"The (Uttarakhand) state government is ineffective and irresponsible… the state government is doing nothing," she said.
Demanding dismissal of the Congress government there, Swaraj said early alerts could have saved many lives.
She said rampant construction activities was one of the main reasons for the calamity.
Noting that Uttarakhand floods affected the entire nation, Swaraj said communication system in the affected areas could have been restored early.
She wondered why the government does not have exact number of people who died during the floods especially in this age of advanced technologies.
Asking why there was inordinate delay in carrying out relief work, Swaraj said, "It is a dismal scenario."
Suggesting measures to prevent such calamities in future, she said all pilgrims should be asked to register themselves with the government and micro chips should be provided so that they can be tracked.
According to her, roads have been washed away and there are connectivity problems. "If China can build all-weather roads in the border areas, why can't we do that?," she questioned.
Dhari Devi temple, which has been affected by the floods, should be restored, she said.