BJP demands de-nuclearisation of Pakistan

New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday said the spate of attacks on military installations in Pakistan points to a threat that nuclear facilities there may fall into wrong hands and demanded de-nuclearisation of the neighbouring country in global interest.

"BJP believes that the internal security situation in Pakistan is alarming. Mehran naval base in Karachi was attacked despite being well-protected. In the last two years, several military installations there, which are highly guarded locations, have been attacked," BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said.

About 15-20 Taliban gunmen had attacked the Mehran naval base on Saturday night. Fourteen people were killed and two US surveillance planes destroyed in the attack.

Rudy gave an illustrative list of defence installations attacked in Pakistan in the past two years in cities like Faislabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Islamabad, among others.

Several people lost their lives in these attacks.

"We are aware that Pakistan today has the fourth largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world. We know rogues of Taliban who have been targeting military facilities will try to lay their hands on nuclear weapons in an attempt to make a dirty bomb," Rudy said.

He insisted that there is an urgent need to "sanitise" Pakistan for world peace.

"There is an imminent need for the world to denuclearise Pakistan. The present situation there post-Osama bin Laden makes the issue very pertinent," Rudy said.

He maintained that this was more so as Jehadi elements had entered the Pakistan military.