“My officers calling me Maharaj gives immense pleasure”

A man, who is considered as Maharaj, the king of kings, for only 11 days, he is Maharaj kansa alias Hrushikesh Bhoi, a simple bonafide government driver. In a candid tete-e-tete, Bhoi alias Maharaj Kansa in the largest open air theatre of the world talks about the condition of Mathura Nagari and Bargarh. Excerpts…

Q, Before proceeding to the discussion, I seek your kind permission to question you as Maharaj Kansa is almighty in whole Mathura Nagari.

A, (Laugh in a dramatic way). Questions… and these are for me!! If your questions are related something negetive for Mathura citizens, you can question me?

Q, You have already killed seven children to protect yourself. You are a serial killer.

A, ( Dramatic laugh). I have already killed six and during the turn of seven, she went missing from my hand. Soon after, I listened from the air that my enemy is developing in Gopapura who would kill me. So, I have hatched conspiracy to kill him only. That is why Maharaj Kansa has been considered as villain.

Q, Well, Hrushikesh Babu. You are the king for 11 days. During the period, you are considered as Maharaj. You move on the back of elephant. After coming out of the green room, you become simple Hrushikesh Bhoi, a government car driver who drives the vehicle of CDMO bearing no-OR17B-2702. Have not you ever felt about a four-wheeler you want to have?

A, No, not at all. When I come back to my normal life, I drive out my officer to his destination. As a sub-ordinate worker, I feel happy to serve my officer. I never think of a four-wheeler vehicle for myself.

Q, When whole of Mathura Nagari is trembling with fear over you waywardness, you are enjoying in the ‘Rang Mahal’. Could Kansa give justice to the people?

A, I am the king of whole Mathura Nagari. I love enjoying cultural programmes with the dance of beautiful danseuses who are more attractive than Rambha, Menaka and Urvasi. After the Rang Mahal programme, I proceed to the palace to hear grievances of the common people and then I deliver justice. Yes, I deliver good judgment because I am a man justice. When I notice any wrong doings by any citizen, I immediately punish them. Even, I do not spare the families which dump garbage here and there if I notice these during visit to the villages on the back of elephant.

Q, Life of a driver is of course sorrowful. Because, a driver wait for his officer inside the car even for long time when officer is at work. Being a driver, do not you feel it as a sorrowfull life?

A, No, as a driver, I have to perform my duty well. I do not feel anything beyond that. Everybody calls me Maharaj during the 11 days festival. Even after the festival, my staff, colleagues and higher officers call me Maharaj not Hrushikesh Bhoi. That gives me immense pleasure.

Q, You have done everything to grab power. Even you have not spare you own sister Debaki. You have jailed her. Why are you crazy for power and for that you continue to commit all wrong doings?

A, No, I am not committing anything for power. When I listened my enemy is the 8th baby of Debaki, I planned to eliminate Debaki first so that my enemy would be no more. But my father Ugresena prevented me from such act. So, I forcefully took away the crown from my father and became the king. When I planned to kill Debaki, her husband Basudeb requested me not kill her and promised to give me all her children to whom I will kill on the stone. So, I am doing all these to keep me enemy-less king.

Q, Most of the posts in the medicals of KBK area are lying vacant. Doctors and associate staff are not attending office regularly. Health care is being hampered largely. Being a service holder of such department, do not feel that health care is still far away from the people of this region? As the king of the Mathura Nagari, would you direct the concerned officers for better healthcare?

A, Health care is a noble service among all. Most of the officers from the eastern region, who are getting appointment here, are not interested to attend office because of Maoist fear. They should feel positive and perform their duty well. As the king of this area, I will punish strictly any officer irrespective ranks and designations if negligence found on their part.