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Homemade Green Tea To Build Immunity In Winter: Preparation, Benefits & More

It is common knowledge now that green tea is very good for health. But it is also a fact that when you buy something from the store in packaging, it contains some sort of preservatives to increase shelf life. Also, silicon packaging, in the long run, can be harmful to your general wellbeing. So although buying green tea from the stores in not a wrong thing it is always better to use natural and fresh ingredients to prepare the same tea at home and enjoy the optimum benefits of green tea in winter.

Preparing Green Tea At Home

For this, all you need are some natural ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen cabinet. These include:

• Half cup Tulsi or Basil leaves
• Few Pudina leaves
• A small slice of ginger
• A small piece of Cinnamon
• 2 to 3 cloves
• A small slice of fresh Turmeric Root (optional)
• 1 tsp honey
• Lemon juice optional

Crush all these ingredients roughly and put aside. Bring one and a half cup of water to boil and add these crushed herbs to the water. Let the water simmer for a few minutes and then turn off the flame. Cover the pot with a lid for another few minutes so that all the juices and flavours of these ingredients merge with the water.

Now strain this green tea, add honey as per your taste and lemon juice if you like it and drink it warm. This not only tastes great but it also is extremely beneficial to your health.

The combination of ginger, tulsi, honey, and turmeric has been known to help in treating cough and cold. Turmeric and honey have antiseptic qualities while tulsi is known to dilute cough and help in sinus, and bronchitis. Cinnamon and lemon add refreshing taste and also removes extra fat from the body.

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