5 Celebrities Who Survive Cancer and Embraced Their Scars

... Learn how to embrace the battle of scars and inspire millions of people with a big smile on face!

By Sivangi Karn

Cancer is the big ‘C’ word which everyone fears to hear. Celebs or normal individuals, cancer does not discriminate. In times of negativity, remaining positive and hoping for a better and sound future is all we can hope for. From scars to radiation experience, battling cancer can get very challenging.

We bring to you stories of some amazing and strong celebrities who happily flaunted their battle scars and inspire millions of people with a big smile on their faces. All we can say is, more power to these ladies! Here are names of five celebrities who survive cancer and embraced their scars. Meet These Amazing Women!

Sonali Bendre

Fans and the entire B-Town celebs were in a shock when the social media broke the news of Sonali Bendre’s Stage-3 Metastatic cancer. However, all through, she had been bold and truthful about her journey. She went to New York, experienced rounds of chemotherapy and medical procedure which left her with no hair and a major scar on her chest. While many would have holed up behind, Sonali remained by her medical procedure scars and demonstrated them off in an ongoing photograph shoot which turned into a web sensation.

In what she calls her ‘new normal’, Sonali said that she hasn’t lost any expectation and a bald head and 12-inch scar will be the part of her life which she wouldn’t want to exchange. She also encouraged people to stop hiding behind their weaknesses and find their ‘new normal’.

Tahira Kashyap

Tahira Kashyap, a filmmaker and wife of Ayushmann Khurrana, is another celebrity for whom 2018 was difficult. On her husband Ayushmann’s birthday, Tahira was diagnosed with breast cancer and received life-changing news but nevertheless, she stayed calm and strong. She has experienced surgeries to remove the malignant tumor located in her breast and remained very honest about her journey. She also flaunted her big scar on the back to inspire everyone out there that self-love is very essential irrespective of the painful battles you have fought. She fearlessly said people to call her scar as her big badge of honor. For her, the main decision was when she decided to blissfully celebrate the spirit of perseverance and not the disease itself.

Lisa Ray

Another famous name among the celebs is Lisa Ray who was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. Nevertheless, she accepted to stay strong and deal with whatever comes on her way. She was treated with a stem cell transplant and was declared cancer-free. When she is asked to think back on the testing times, Lisa has only gratitude for everyone who had made her strong while battling cancer.

Manisha Koirala

Talking about another famous celebrity, Manisha, is too on the list who was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was difficult for her but she changed her outlook of life and beyond. As soon as she was declared cancer-free, Manisha authored a book enumerating her journey and mentioned that her diagnosis was totally life-changing but also, one of the ways in which she has received a sign to look a new lease for leading life.

Angelina Jolie

When the name of famous celebs come who battled cancer, we just can’t ignore Hollywood actress and director Angelina Jolie. Being  diagnosed with a complex cancer gene early on, she has undergone double Mastectomy in order to reduce her chances of developing Breast Cancer. Instead of hiding it, she bravely decided to write about it so that other people could seek inspiration from her act and be aware of cancer.