Devbrat Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: As Odias across the country indulged in an open debate on the 'Ahe Nila Saila'-'Ahe Nilo Soilo' controversy, it put social media platform 'Twitter' on the boil with celebrity Odia singer Sona Mohapatra threatening to go full naked with high heels, in response to a message by a Twitter user.

Recently, when Sona Mohapatra drew huge criticism for mispronunciation of certain words in her latest rendition of the popular Odia bhajan ‘Ahe Nila Saila,’ in no time protests started mounting against her on Facebook as well as Twitter.

The actor had initially in a media group stated - "We artistes learn and grow with such things, let this just be a conversation and not a controversy."

However, intolerant with the out pour of vulgar messages and criticism, she soon started responding to tweeple in a way that was nothing less than arrogance.

On the alleged vulgar Odia pronunciation, the singer tweeted, "Dear losers who are yet burning up about my foreign accent & mispronunciation of some words in an earnest enough rendition of Nila Saila, please do note that YOUR odiya ‘accent’ while talking or singing English & Hindi, let alone your grammar & spelling skills could offend many."

She added - There is nothing wrong with an accent or any of that. I take pride in my desi accent & it is my uniqueness to flying around the globe. I am no grammar nazi either. Just making a point about the pointlessness of this whole outrage.

Sona calling a section of Odias 'losers' was what inflamed many once again. The singer didn't stop there. Before flying off to Paris for a show, she tweeted, "I leave behind the negativity from my state, Odisha and would like to have a broader perspective to represent my country well."

Like many, Crime Branch IG Arun Bothra was too hurt with the attitude of Sona. He immediately responded through a tweet -

A few music lovers claimed that it is acceptable to some extent if it was just pronunciation of words but not at all acceptable if the essence or soul of the Bhajan is killed. They further leveled allegations that celebrities like Sona Mohapatra tend to take everything casually while representing the culture of their State.

A police complaint was also lodged against Sona in Puri by an outfit Sachetana Nagarika Mancha which burnt her poster in protest and alleged that her singing was similar to disrespecting Lord Jagannath.

While many think she should not be invited to sing in Odisha again, it remains to be seen if invited, Sona faces the wrath of the people here or she spreads her charms to avoid 'Controversy No. 3'.

Note: Sona Mohapatra's Controversy 1 refers to 'Rangabati' and Controversy 2 'Ahe Nila Saila'.

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