Salman Khan prefers romance over action

Mumbai: With high-adrenalin flicks like `Wanted`, `Dabangg`, `Bodyguard`, and now `Ek Tha Tiger`, Salman Khan, the new action hero of B-town, feels doing romantic movies is much easier than flexing muscles.

"There is a lot of pain and difficulty that an actor faces while doing action scenes. Like doing action in worst conditions – in very hot or cold weather, wake up at wrong hours, fight in dirty places, sometimes in water, sometimes in the sun," Salman told PTI in an interview.

"Do people really fight on roofs? Why can`t they give us a good mattress to fall on? But no, they will always make you fall on a hard surface," he said.

Salman says he prefers doing romantic movies. "I am comfortable with romance. I am doing lot of romantic stuff but not on screen," he chuckled.

The 46-year-old actor is likely to feature in Sooraj Barjatya`s next film.
However, co-actress and former girlfriend Katrina Kaif thinks the `Dabangg` Khan gets bored soon of doing `romantic` stuff.

"Right now, the audience likes the action-romantic genre and it works well for him. Beyond a point I don`t think Salman can handle the romantic scenes. He gets very `pakaoed` (bored) by it," Katrina said.

Notably, Salman was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve disorder causing intense pain in the face, and he had gone to US for a surgery in August last year. Soon after he started shooting for Yash Raj Films` `Ek Tha Tiger`.

On if he was in two minds doing action scenes for the film, Salman says, "I am `Tiger`, I don`t have an excuse."

He feels one has to be physically fit for doing action sequences. "I have been beaten up by school teachers, spanked and scolded by my parents in my childhood and growing up days, and all these things have been used in this film. I think one has to be physically fit to do all this," he said.

"A film like this takes a toll because you are running from morning to evening; you are falling and getting hurt in cold weather. Sometimes, a scene needs 12 retakes and rehearsals in a day, so it is tiring," he said.

Directed by Kabir Khan, `Ek Tha Tiger` featuring Salman and Katrina releases on August 15.