Radcliffe used 160 pairs of glasses for Harry Potter

London: A lot has gone into translating the wizarding world of J K Rowling`s books onscreen for the `Harry Potter` franchise, which comes to an end with the release of final movie `Deathly Hallows-Part 2` on July 15.

Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the titular hero in all the eight `Harry Potter` movies, used 160 pairs of glasses in all the eight movies besides wearing out 60-70 wands during the making of the movie. Potter`s infamous scar has been put on by makeup approximately 5,800 times.

This is not only on Radcliffe, who has had the scar applied approx 2,000 times, but also on his doubles and stunt doubles, all of whom wear the scar. Almost 40 versions of Salazar Slytherin`s locket had to be created to accommodate Ron Weasley`s and Potter`s failed
attempts to destroy it. The `Harry Potter` films also used many animals including owls and cats, who are the most difficult animals to train.

More than 250 animals were used across the `Harry Potter` films. The largest animal on the set was a hippo and the smallest one a centipede. The Hogwarts uniforms may look the same to the eyes but the producers had to create more than 600 school uniforms for the franchise. The inspiration for professor Dumbledore`s chair came from the throne in Westminster Abbey.

`Hogwarts Express`, the train that takes the `Potter`children to the magic school, is a steam engine, whose real name is the Olton Hall and it was built in April, 1937. British author JK Rowling wrote her seven-book saga from 1997 to 2007 but the movie franchise took it forward till 2011.