Exciting time for women in Bollywood: Priyanka Bose

New Delhi: 'Gangor' actress Priyanka Bose, who will next be seen in Madhuri Dixit starrer 'Gulab Gang', believes it is exciting time for women in the film industry.
Priyanka's powerpacked performance as a tribal woman in Italian director Italo Spinelli's 'Gangor' brought her international fame.
'Gulab Gang', directed by Soumik Sen, is inspired by the story of Sampat Pal and her gang of pink saree clad women fighting social injustices but Priyanka says it is not a biopic.
"Working with Madhuri Dixit on this really amazing film 'Gulab Gang' was great. It is exciting time for women in movies as characters are being written for them. Also, I grew up looking and idolising Madhuri. I have looked up to her as a dancer, actor and performer," Priyanka said.
"Soumik, who is a friend, was writing the story at that time when I was working on 'Gangor'. He had shared the script idea with me and I thought it would be amazing to be a part of the film. Three years later, the script changed a bit and other characters fell into place. Soumik got in touch with me again and we took it forward," says Priyanka.
She also starred in Goutam Ghosh's latest Bengali film 'Shunyo Awnko' as the lonely wife of a corporate honcho.
"My character is a parallel to the main story. She is married to this corporate guy and has everything in her life but she has lost her identity and embarks on a journey to find herself and her worth."
Priyanka says it was a learning experience to work with the veteran filmmaker.
"Goutam is amazing as a filmmaker. This is the first time he has taken on a contemporary topic. The film has been a journey for him as well. He was dealing with the digital format for the first time. I was really attentive and picked up many things from Goutam."
The actress, who has starred in films like 'Johnny Gaddaar', 'Sorry Bhai!' and 'LSD: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha' in the past, just finished working on a Hollywood film on child trafficking.
Priyanka says her goal is to make a space for herself by picking up interesting projects.
"I don't want to restrict myself as an artiste. I don't have a filmy background but I like collaborating with interesting people. I want to keep on doing that. It's a trial and error method but the future is like an oyster. It is what you make," says Priyanka.