Odishatv Bureau

New Delhi: Graduates with specialisation in computer sciences and technological applications especially from reputed institutions like IIT should be recruited as cyber crime investigators, a Niti Ayog report has suggested.

The recommendations in “Building Smart Police: Background into the needed Police Reforms” report by the top policy making body is a part of reformative measures suggested to overhaul country’s police in the wake of new revolutionary digitised approach in fighting crimes.

The recruitment of techies as cyber crime investigators is among ways the new approach could work. IIT or MCA graduates can be hired as sub-inspectors or inspectors in state crime investigation departments to better tackle the “highly complex nature” of such cases, the report read.

Speaking of need for new reforms in country’s police which is crippled with staff shortage, growing work pressure, lack of know-how of new science and tech in fighting crimes, the report called for legislative and judicial changes to the present system.

Similarly, the report also suggested that traditional social crimes can be innovatively handled by people with backgrounds such as social sciences or social work.

“Social crimes like offences related to beggary, prostitution, crimes against women, domestic violence, dowry offences, etc cannot be handled by the traditional daroga. Experts suggest that it needs to be handled by a separate wing with people like students who have graduated in Social Science/Social Work,” the report said.

The report also called for other departments like Excise, forest, transport and food to handle their own cases through their separate wings without having to depend upon the state police that will drastically reduce the work pressure on the latter.