Horoscope for Nov 24: Mixed Day For Aries, Virgo, Aquarius; Big Day For Lovebirds Of These Zodiacs

Are you anxious to know how you are going to spend your day today? Here we bring the Astro predictions for November 24. Know if you need to remain alert today as per your zodiac sign or not.



Thursday 24 Nov 2022

Ashwini: You will spend your day with happiness, freedom and pleasure. You will take over some fundamental responsibility the family. You will complete your office work very quickly.
Dwija: People in the field of arts will find new avenues of advancement. You will achieve success by taking bigger responsibility in politics. You will work according to your own mind at work.
Krutika: You expensed in court cases may increase. You must remain alert as you may face road accidents.

Remedy: Chant your favourite deity Lord Nrusingha’s mantra.

Lucky color :Red

Lucky number :9