Is BJD worried about the possible outcome of 2024 elections even after staying in power for 24 years? Is BJD apprehensive of decrease in party’s seat count? Is BJD worried about Maharashtra-like political turnaround in Odisha? After PM Modi’s announcement that June 4 will be Odisha BJD’s expiry date, confidence of ruling-party seems to have taken a hit. Why did BJD leader VK Pandian give such statements in presence of journalists during an interview? He said BJP is focusing on 50-60 seats in Odisha. Pandian has alleged BJP’s strategy is to acquire as many seats and break the BJD govt. With the political temperatures across Odisha already soaring due to intense campaigning, an interesting and intriguing statement of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Samir Mohanty made the atmosphere a little hotter on Wednesday when he countered Pandian and said.. All leaders in BJD are not ‘kritadasas’ (slaves), but there are many Eknath Shindes.. And they are in constant touch with BJP. BJD's ground under its feet is collapsing. The BJP veteran’s statement came just hours after BJD leader VK Pandian held a presser, accusing the BJP of trying to engineer a split in the BJD. Pandian also voiced his apprehension saying that if the BJP wins 40-50 Assembly seats in Odisha, it will pull down the BJD government.