From ORS to juices, people try all options to beat the heat; IMD says no respite on cards for Odisha

Odisha is grappling with extreme heatwave conditions, affecting all residents from office workers to children. With no significant rainfall expected soon and temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius, locals are adopting coping mechanisms like staying indoors and maintaining hydration.

Odisha witnessing intense heatwave conditions

Forget noon, it has almost become impossible to venture out of homes after 9:30 am owing to severe heatwave conditions that have been prevailing in different parts of Odisha. Be it office goers, daily workers, elderly persons or children, every living individual is facing a lot of hardship to mitigate the intense hot and humid conditions.

With no forecast of major rain-related activities, people have no other option than to seek alternative measures to keep themselves and their family members protected from the scorching heatwave conditions.