Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While lovebirds across the globe are celebrating Valentine’s Day with high enthusiasm, most singles might be envying them. There may be some singles out there who could be searching for some mantra from ‘love gurus’ and tips from relationship experts to find a partner.

Well, the internet is full of such relationship guidelines and tips to persuade a girl/boy. But, the effectiveness of these tips may not be authenticated. Even social media is another platform where one can find some hilarious things related to the subject.

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Here we have come up with one viral poster on the same that will leave you rolling on the floor out of laughter. Now, this viral poster is reportedly one bizarre yet creative newspaper ad of Amazon MiniTv.

The header of the ad/flyer reads: “Kya iss valentine bhi koi nahi hai aapko ‘YOU ARE MINE’ kehne wala????”

The text in the next box reads: “Worry not! This course got you covered.” 

The course description briefs:

  • BFI (Bachelors in Female Interaction)
  • DHC (Degree in holding conversations)
  • MBF (Masters in Being Funny)
  • BBC (Bachelors of beautiful compliments)

While the “Fees” is Zero, the further description in brackets read, “Just like the probability of you living a loner life after this course.”

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The courses also include “Celebrity Classes” where popular YouTubers Aakash Gupta will teach how to turn her ‘I hate you’ to ‘love you’ and Bhuvan Bam will teach you ‘how to tackle relationship issues.’