Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The roar of a Royal Bengal Tiger is enough to stream fear among all wild animals sharing the same habitat. Tigers are known to be fierce, violent, and aggressive carnivores. It is quite difficult for their prey to escape from the jaws of death. None in the wild tries to mess with a tiger.

Of course, tigers too fight to prove their dominance. However, a few wildlife explorers have been lucky enough to witness the clash of titans in the wild. Here we bring a video that shows a tiger and tigress picking up a fierce fight as the latter tries to steal his prey.

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In the video, a male tiger is seen with its prey. The deer seems to be taking its last breath as the tiger had its jaws inside the deer’s throat. A few moments later, the tiger jumps and moves away leaving its prey. 

Meanwhile, a tigress approaches the prey lying dead. After a few moments, the tigress starts dragging the deer and starts feeding on it.

Suddenly, the tiger comes to its prey and growls loud after seeing the tigress feeding on it. Immediately, the tigress also stands up to face off with the tiger. The tiger duo start growling and pounding each other violently. The tigress steps back and lies down. From its gesture it seems, it surrendered. Even the male tiger didn’t make its move and stood still for a while.


Suddenly, again the duo starts fighting. The tiger wins over the tigress as the latter lies down without any action. 

A few moments later, the tiger slowly walks to its prey and drags it down the road to disappear behind the bushes. 

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The video shared on YouTube by Latest Sightings, a page providing stunning wildlife videos, has so far garnered over a million views. The description for the video read: A female tiger spots what seems to be an abandoned deer in the road but this meal isn't as easy as she hopes! A huge male was nearby and didn't let her steal the meal without a fight! Tinged by Vijay Kumawat in Ranthambore National Park.