Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It is widely believed that Royal Bengal Tigers rarely fail to hunt down their prey. These Royal beings chase prey and satiate their hunger. It is even quite difficult for the prey to escape from the big wild cats once they get trapped in their sharp jaws.

However, here we bring the video of the ‘luckiest deer on the earth’ and its miraculous escape from the jaws of death.

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In the video, the adult Tiger is seen hiding behind bushes and rocks while gazing towards a direction. As the camera zooms out, three deer are seen grazing nearby. The tiger is only a few steps away from the deer. On the other hand, the deer are unaware of the incoming danger. 

A few moments later, the deer split in different directions. As it seems, the deer got hints of the tiger’s presence. Suddenly, the deer start running in different directions out of panic. Of the three deer, the tiger targets one and chases it.

The deer immediately enters a river to save its life. However, the tiger follows it into the water. Tigers are good swimmers and can hunt their prey in water. After chasing the deer for a while in the water, the tiger finally captures it.

The deer sinks inside the water along with the wild cat while being caught from behind by the tiger.

However, a few seconds later, the tiger lifts up its head without the deer and surprisingly, the deer emerges from the water on the other side. The tiger keeps on searching for its prey for a few moments. After tracing, it again starts chasing the deer.

By then, the deer approaches the river bank and swiftly vanishes into the forest while the tiger is left behind in the water. The tiger stands still after arriving at the bank and gazes toward the forest where its prey vanished.

The video shared on Twitter has gone viral with several users sharing it massively. As claimed, the visuals were captured on a mobile phone by Anup Kayal in West Bengal’s Sunderbans. Sharing the video, Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Parveen Kaswan captioned it: The luckiest deer on the planet is here.

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