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Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In this ruthless world, it is hard to find kind-hearted people and even harder to spot those who are really concerned and care for others especially if it is about animals.

However, there are some real-life heroes without capes within the crowd who truly care for the well-being of other creatures. 

The Internet is a hub of all such heart-winning stories that are enough to fill the hearts and eyes of the viewers. 

Here we bring such a heart-winning story of a baby Lion Tamarin monkey's rescue.

The video starts with the scene showing a baby Lion Tamarin monkey lying in the middle of a road looking hapless. The baby is seen clinging to the asphalt on the road. 

Meanwhile, a hand comes in to rescue the baby from the road. The man picks up the baby monkey cautiously so that it is not harmed. The man with the mammal moves towards a tree where the mother Lion Tamarin monkey is seen clinging to the tree and screeching loudly.

From the body language of the mother monkey, it seems, she is quite afraid of the human and starts moving on the tree trunk as the human gets closer. 

When the baby comes more closer, the mother holds it but again leaves. Even, a similar thing occurred the second time. 

Finally, the rescuer allowed the baby to cling to the tree trunk so that her mother could grab it. As soon as the mother grabbed the baby, it climbed onto her chest and the duo climbed up the tree.

The spectacle of the mother and baby monkey uniting is a treat to watch. 

However, netizens have expressed their concern over the video as many thought that the rescuer might have first snatched the baby from the mother and presented it as a rescue operation, later filmed the scene just to garner likes and views. 

Individuals can justify being perfect humans when instead of being selfish they extend a helping hand to the needy. Humanity just requires compassion for others and sparing some time to help as and when possible. 

Well, as it seems from the video, the rescuer did the right thing by helping the baby to reunite with its mother.

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